Dedicated Institute to develop competent world class rail human capital

Concept behind ETOE Rail Village

In India and across the world, rail travel is undergoing a renaissance as governments realize the long-term sustainability of rail transport. The result has been a massive investment in building new infrastructure and remodeling existing track.

This rapidly growing industry is now facing a skills shortage, which is growing at an incredible rate.

India is the natural place to look to eliminate that skills shortage. We have an enormous surplus of young graduates. Our youth is technology-savvy, knowledgeable, well-qualified and ambitious. All they lack is the specialist knowledge to turn those qualities into employable skills.

That is the purpose of ETOE Rail Village.

What is the Rail Village?

ETOE Rail Village was created as the training division of ETOE Rail – a unique residential campus focused entirely on rail engineering, set in a calm and friendly environment.

Within the campus you will find a comprehensive set of training and educational facilities – from operational track with all supporting infrastructure (track circuits, points and crossings, axle crossings, axle counters, level crossings, solid state interlocking, and more) to modern classrooms and model rooms for practical demonstrations and simulations.

Teaching at the ETOE Rail Village is from highly-experienced rail professionals, passing down their hands-on knowledge of rail industry best-practice.

Services offered:

We provide comprehensive training aimed at employers and individuals, with specifically tailored courses for:
  • Newly qualified engineers wishing to pursue a career in the rail industry.
  • Rail Infrastructure companies in India and across the globe, looking to upgrade the skill levels of their existing staff.
  • Experienced railway personnel looking to enhance their skill sets, to make the next jump in their careers.
  • Experienced engineers from other sectors who are looking for a head-start to enter the rail industry.

We offer comprehensive training in the following areas:

  • Signalling and telecommunications
  • P-way
  • Traction / electrification and rolling stock
  • Project management
  • Train operations
  • Safety
  • RAMS
  • Management and administration